Grandmas going – Day 6

Cloudy / sunny morning, breakfast and I’m on my way to Kemi. Not as good start as yesterday. Here came the mandatory construction zone. Try to pedal at that stone field (the top image)! And no detour, blimey! My next target is Tornio. I’m now at Aurora Borealis road (below), and dark clouds are following.


I hurried up to Ylitornio but the rain started just two kilometers before I got there and I got wet. NOW is the time for the luxury of a hotel, a wonderfully soft bed and a warm bath.

143 km today, and one leg left. Good night!


Grandmas going – Day 5

A lovely sunny morning; and no dismantling of the tent. Just breakfast. Now it is a true laid-back feeling, through flower fields (the top image) and then the birch lane (below).


Laid back feeling ended when I came to Liminka, which had a terrible wind, the trip did not seem to be progressing at all. At last I was at Oulu. There all the signposts showed the wrong direction! Fortunately, I had my own map included. Then I continued to Kuivaniemi where I had a wonderful place to camp. And a hundred thousand mosquitos.

Now the tent was up in record time, but despite that my legs were full of bites. Today 159 kilometers. My ankle hurts and needs a bandage for the night.


Grandmas going – Day 4

Cloudy today, I think I’ll get rain. Packing my “home” and go on. Journey continues to Kannus – Ylivieska and the dark clouds follow, I wonder when they’ll get me. Five kilometers to get to Oulainen, hopefully I get there – No, I didn’t. Rain clothes on and suddenly the water comes pouring. I just have to wait (a few hours), then it calms down a bit. Now it is NOT nice to put up a tent. I hope they have a cottage available at camping.

Yes, I got a cottage and a sauna! Only 125 km today.


Grandmas going – Day 3

Partly cloudy, tent packing, breakfast and go. Between Lapua – Kauhava I want to find some small village road, this straightforwardness starts to be boring. Pedersöre will be a ”svenskspråkig” area.

Kokkola is my next place to stay. I made 155 kilometers today. Luckily tent is co-operating today and is quick to put up, I’m so tired!


Grandmas going – Day 2

Wake up at 8.00. The sun is shining, I’m packing my tent, having breakfast and the trip continues. My legs and ”bottom” are in surprisingly good condition, luckily. First to Kauhajoki, then to Kurikka. At Ostrobothnian the roads are long and straight (the top image) huh, huh. Now I’d like to see some curves. Seinäjoki and a place to stay ahead, so hurry up!

140 km today, building the tent and resting.


Grandmas going – Day 1

The meter display says 00.00 km and I’m ready to go! First to familiar route, but that does not prevent me being lost! How did I get here, to the motorway??? Well, fortunately only a short u-turn and I’m back on the right track to Aura – Huittinen – Lavia. I’m travelling through rural landscape (the top image). I met two biking fellows; great that someone else has invented this easy way to travel also.

Kankaanpää looms, and finally: a place to stay. 187 kilometers completed and well-earned rest.


”Grandmas going” – a biking trip for all ages


My name is Ireene Puotiniemi and during this summer I will be biking from Turku via Ikaalinen to Seinäjoki which is a distance of 170 km. My theme for the trip is ”Grandmas going” and with this I hope to encourage and inspire people of all ages to take care of their health.

I started my trip yesterday, Monday July 13th, in beautiful sunshine and I will be giving you reports from the trip continuously.

Up and away!