Grandmas going – Day 4

Cloudy today, I think I’ll get rain. Packing my “home” and go on. Journey continues to Kannus – Ylivieska and the dark clouds follow, I wonder when they’ll get me. Five kilometers to get to Oulainen, hopefully I get there – No, I didn’t. Rain clothes on and suddenly the water comes pouring. I just have to wait (a few hours), then it calms down a bit. Now it is NOT nice to put up a tent. I hope they have a cottage available at camping.

Yes, I got a cottage and a sauna! Only 125 km today.


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Ireene Puotiniemi

Ireene Puotiniemi from Rejlers' Turku office will bike from Turku to Kolari, a distance of 1000 km! Her theme for the trip is "Grandmas going" and with this she hopes to encourage and inspire people of all ages to take care of their health.


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