Grandmas going – Day 5

A lovely sunny morning; and no dismantling of the tent. Just breakfast. Now it is a true laid-back feeling, through flower fields (the top image) and then the birch lane (below).


Laid back feeling ended when I came to Liminka, which had a terrible wind, the trip did not seem to be progressing at all. At last I was at Oulu. There all the signposts showed the wrong direction! Fortunately, I had my own map included. Then I continued to Kuivaniemi where I had a wonderful place to camp. And a hundred thousand mosquitos.

Now the tent was up in record time, but despite that my legs were full of bites. Today 159 kilometers. My ankle hurts and needs a bandage for the night.


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Ireene Puotiniemi

Ireene Puotiniemi from Rejlers' Turku office will bike from Turku to Kolari, a distance of 1000 km! Her theme for the trip is "Grandmas going" and with this she hopes to encourage and inspire people of all ages to take care of their health.


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