Grandmas going – Day 6

Cloudy / sunny morning, breakfast and I’m on my way to Kemi. Not as good start as yesterday. Here came the mandatory construction zone. Try to pedal at that stone field (the top image)! And no detour, blimey! My next target is Tornio. I’m now at Aurora Borealis road (below), and dark clouds are following.


I hurried up to Ylitornio but the rain started just two kilometers before I got there and I got wet. NOW is the time for the luxury of a hotel, a wonderfully soft bed and a warm bath.

143 km today, and one leg left. Good night!


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Ireene Puotiniemi

Ireene Puotiniemi from Rejlers' Turku office will bike from Turku to Kolari, a distance of 1000 km! Her theme for the trip is "Grandmas going" and with this she hopes to encourage and inspire people of all ages to take care of their health.


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